Image of Forest

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Our new 2022 collection is inspired by our dearest and closest friends, celebrating their achievements, milestones and wonderful personalities.

Each bouquet truly speaks to each of their unique character and sense of style; we hope these special bundles will always remind your loved ones about their special day too!

You’d think FOREST is all green and — well, green — you’re not wrong, but don’t be fooled by their rock-hard appearance, they just take a while to warm up!

Forest is also inspired by the iconic brutalist masterpiece that is the Barbican, with its stoic and ambitious exterior. The colours and textures of the bouquet alternate between the natural colours of grass, trees and water and stone-cold grey concrete blocks.

Forest consists of a mixture of grey peonies, representing the concrete slabs; the dusty red roses reflect the earthy tones of the iconic mosaic tiles; and the green ranunculus reflects the lakes and the fountains at the Barbican, providing a much-needed moment of you a moment of stillness.

Choose between 8, 12 or 20 flowers.

The product image is an 12-flower bouquet,
12 Flowers - 3 Peonies, 3 Garden Roses, 3 Bluebells and 3 Ranunculus

Paper flowers and foliages will vary slightly, due to the handmade nature of each piece.


Image of Forest Image of Forest