Daffodil Bouquet


Image of Daffodil Bouquet

Yellow Daffodils represent positivity and joy and are the most common bloom. Like the cheery sunflower, these coloured flowers symbolise happiness and optimism and can be gifted to someone as a token to freshen their day!

Choose between
3 Daffodils, 2 Daisies and 2 Pom Pom flowers
5 Daffodils, 4 Daisies and 4 Pom Pom flowers
9 Daffodils, 5 Daisies and 5 Pom Pom flowers

Our paper flowers are handcrafted with environmentally friendly Italian crepe paper and come wrapped and arranged with real foliage.

*Paper flowers will vary slightly, due to the handmade nature of each piece.

For custom colour combinations and urgent orders, please email [email protected]


Image of Daffodil Bouquet